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    1. Editorial: Women Need Bigger Roles in Boardrooms

      It is not often that Indonesia tops a regional list for corporate governance, and the fact that the country leads in boardroom gender diversity should be thoroughly celebrated. A Gender Diversity Report published by GlobeAsia magazine and the Center for Governance, Institutions and Organizations at the National University of Singapore’s Business School found that Indonesia has the highest percentage of women represented in corporate boardrooms at 11.6 percent. This is the highest in Asia but lag

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    2. Janet Jankura Becomes a Prestigious NACD Fellow

      /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Janet Jankura, sitting public company director, has become a National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) Fellow - the highest level of credentialing for corporate directors and corporate governance professionals.  Jankura serves as a director on the board of publically-traded Green Earth Technologies, Inc. As an NACD Fellow, Janet has demonstrated her knowledge of the leading trends and practices that define exemplary corporate governance today, and has committed to

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    3. EU to Boost Investor Power Over Executive Pay in Governance Plan

      By Jim Brunsden on December 07, 2012 * Tweet * Facebook * LinkedIn * Google Plus * Comments * Email * Print More from Businessweek * Help! 911 Texting Coming in 2014, FCC Says * Q&A;: Marketing Brittany Murphy's Last Film * What the Instagram Fight Says About Twitter as a Media Platform * The Facebook Post That Got Netflix CEO Reed Hastings in Trouble With the SEC * Tim Cook's Freshman Year: The Apple CEO Speaks The European Commis

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    4. Case Study: The Penn State Board

      Case Study: The Penn State Board

      The Boardroom Video Series has just completed a full length discussion of the tragedy and crisis that has taken place at Penn State University over the past year. We are joined by three guests who approach the issue strictly from a trustee perspective, not discussing the criminal components of this crisis but instead the action and inaction taken by the Board of Trustees. This video has been designed as a case study and is an excellent learning experience.

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    5. Corporate governance 'has not delivered'

      The UK's corporate governance measures have not delivered and need to be reconsidered if they are to help businesses grow in a sustainable manner, according to an expert. Speaking at a global convention at London's Lords Cricket Ground, Colin Coulson-Thomas said that embracing new governance measures is crucial for modern companies that wish to compete on the global stage. Old governance - which involves a great deal of top-down management and control leadership - is outmoded and cannot cope wit

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    6. Why Corporate Governance Isn't Working.

      Why Corporate Governance Isn’t Working. Submitted by Emelia Kenlock on Thu, 06/12/2012 - 12:01 Director development expert calls for ‘new leadership’ at global convention. United Kingdom – Corporate governance has not delivered according to Colin Coulson-Thomas speaking at a global convention at London’s Lords Cricket Ground. The author of Developing Directors claimed that to move on from avoiding risks to sustainable business growth we need to embrace ‘new governance’ which business leaders s

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    7. Can corporate governance survive the eurozone crisis?

      The Institute of Directors will kickstart the debate about reviewing corporate governance within a eurozone context to shed new light on the system’s strengths and Malta’s role as an international financial centre and business hub. The debate will take place at an event on January 17, supported by the Malta Financial Services Authority. It will be moderated by Peter Barrett, who was a board member of leading Hong Kong companies Hutchison Whampoa and Hong Kong Telephone for 15 years. He is a foun

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    8. Donaldson Company Announces the Retirements of Jack Eugster and John Grundhofer from Board of Directors

      MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Donaldson Company, Inc. (NYSE: DCI), announced that Jack Eugster and John Grundhofer retired from its Board of Directors, effective at the conclusion of the Company’s November 16th Board meeting. Eugster, 66, is the retired Chairman, President and CEO of The Musicland Group, Inc. and was ineligible to stand for reelection this year due to reaching the maximum number ...

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    9. Why Should We Care About Corporate Interlocks?

      Why Should We Care About Corporate Interlocks?

      Tomorrow, GMI Ratings launches Global LeaderBoard (GLB), an online research and data-visualization tool designed to deepen the analysis of corporate governance practices that can materially affect issuer risk. GLB maps complex relationship patterns at the individual, organizational, industry and regional levels. Among many other insights, GLB allows subscribers to identify corporate interlocks ...

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    10. Can You Re-Boot Corporate Governance with Technology? By: Mark Rogers

      Can You Re-Boot Corporate Governance with Technology? By: Mark Rogers

      Virtually every aspect of corporate America has been affected by the adoption of new technology. Social networks and collaboration technologies are revolutionizing and changing the way companies are run, products are made, information is shared and the way employees are recruited. There is one aspect of non-profit, private and public companies, however, that has made little-to-no progress when it comes to innovation – and that’s the way corporate boards are recruited and managed.

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