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    1. UTStarcom Appoints New Chief Financial Officer

      /PRNewswire/ -- UTStarcom Holdings Corp. ("UTStarcom" or the "Company") (NASDAQ: UTSI), a leading provider of broadband equipment and solutions, today announced that it has appointed Mr. Tianruo (Robert) Pu, Chairman of the Company's Audit Committee and an independent director of the Board, as the Company's Chief Financial Officer, effective immediately. Mr. Pu replaces Ms. Jin Jiang, who has resigned to pursue other opportunities. Mr. William Wong, UTStarcom's Chief Executive Officer, stated, "

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    2. Four Steps to a More Diverse Corporate Board

      The number one issue in corporate governance is the diversification of boards. Despite their claims otherwise, corporations are not doing a good job with diversifying boards. Boards are a self-selected and homogenous group. Nomination committees prefer people who are known to them or are drawn from within existing contacts. Furthermore, lack of turnover on boards slows any diversity initiatives. Furthermore, as a Spencer Stuart survey discovered, two thirds of corporate directors stated that the

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    3. Shareholder Rights Make Progress

      Years ago, if you mentioned "corporate governance," most investors' eyes would glaze over. It's not difficult to imagine many proxy statements tossed unread into many trash cans, even though these documents represented important disclosures and, even more significant, shareholders' votes and ownership stakes in businesses. Somehow, the prevailing notion became that profit and share price were the only things that mattered in investing, and board composition, voting rights, and CEO pay issues wer

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    4. New Directors Strengthen Navistar's Corporate Governance, But Issues Remain

      Caving under pressure from the activist investors Carl Icahn and Mark H. Rachesky, Navistar International Corp. (NAV) recently strengthened the supervision of its senior managers by replacing three board members. But the truck and engine maker still has more work to do on its corporate governance. The former CEO Daniel C. Ustian and his team struggled against headwinds in recent years ranging from the economic crisis to production failures. As Navistar's stock price sank in the past year, Mr. Ic

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    5. O'Brien: Bad news for boards: That superstar CEO you just hired will probably fail

      'Executive Superstars, Peer Groups and Over Compensation! -- Cause, Effect, and Solution,' was released last month. Don't let the dry-as-toast title fool you. This report should be required reading for every person in Silicon Valley who sits on a board of any size. I found it particularly illuminating with so many of our largest companies either having tapped new CEOs in the past year (Hewlett ...

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    6. Multiple directorships lower effectiveness

      You are here: Home > October 12, 2012 in Business MULTIPLE directorships have been blamed for contributing to corporate governance failures among Zimbabwean companies. Report by Staff Writer CEO of the Depositors Protection Board John Chikura told a recent Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe seminar that local companies still faced challenges in adhering to good corporate governance. “Good governanc

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    7. Say on Golden Parachute Votes: Continued Support for Transactional Pay Arrangements

      Say on Golden Parachute Votes: Continued Support for Transactional Pay Arrangements

      Of the three shareholder advisory votes mandated by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act - Say on Pay (SOP), Say on Frequency (SOF) and Say on Golden Parachutes (SOGP) - the least attention has been paid to the outcome of votes now required in connection with corporate transactions. This white paper discusses trends among the 120 companies that disclosed their SOGP pay arrangements in their merger-related proxies as of June 30, 2012, of which 106 had reported final voting results by the end of July.

      The analysis includes:  

      • The overall level of support for transactional compensation arrangements
      • Shareholder support ...
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    8. Board's Bonus Slight a Wake-up Call for Ballmer: Get Innovating

      Board's Bonus Slight a Wake-up Call for Ballmer: Get Innovating

      The board of directors at Microsoft did not award company CEO Steve Ballmer and other executives their full bonuses this year following lower-than-expected Windows sales and a failure to comply with European regulations. Ballmer received 91 percent of his base salary in bonus pay, totaling $620,000. Including salary, his total compensation for Microsoft's fiscal year 2012 is $1.32 million.

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    9. UniCredit to Propose IPIC's Al Fahim as New Board Member

      UniCredit to Propose IPIC's Al Fahim as New Board Member

      5h ago DJ 5h ago DJ Milan Airports Operator Revives IPO Plan Summary Quotes Chart Analysis News Calendar Company Financials Consensus Revisions Forum 10/10/2012| 01:01pm US/Eastern By Giovanni Legorano MILAN--UniCredit SpA's (>> UniCredit SpA) corporate governance, human resources and nomination committees on Wednesday proposed the nomination of International Petroleum Investment Co.

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    10. Research and Markets: Oecd - Board Member Nomination and Election

      )--Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/jzzvc8/board_member) has announced the addition of OECD Publishing's new report "Board Member Nomination and Election" to their offering. The nomination and election of board members is one of the fundamental elements of a functioning corporate governance system around the world and has accordingly been chosen as the theme for the fourth peer review by the OECD's Corporate Governance Committee. Four jurisdictions have volunteere

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    11. Avon's Corporate Governance Strengthens

      Avon Products, Inc. (AVP)'s embattled former CEO Andrea Jung said she'll step down as board chairman on December 31. The beauty company has taken several such moves toward restoring its credibility in recent months, and now has stronger corporate governance. While serving as both chairman and CEO, Ms. Jung came under fire for problems ranging from Avon's underperforming stock price to its overseas bribery investigation, which we had discussed here. In December 2011 Avon announced Ms. Jung's loss

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    12. FreightCar America, Inc. Appoints Andrew B. Schmitt to its Board of Directors

      CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--FreightCar America, Inc. (NASDAQ: RAIL) announced today that Andrew B. Schmitt has been appointed to the Company’s Board of Directors, effective October 8, 2012. The addition of Mr. Schmitt brings the total number of directors to eight. Mr. Schmitt served as the Chief Executive Officer of Layne Christensen Company, which provides water management, construction and ...

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