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    1. Scott Buckhout is the new CEO of Circor

      , a Burlington-based company that provides valves for the energy, industrial, and aerospace markets, announced Tuesday that its board of directors has appointed Scott Buckhout as president and chief executive, effective immediately. Wayne Robbins, who has served as acting president and CEO since December, will continue as the company’s executive vice president and chief operating officer, the company said in a

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    2. Executive pay: problems that could spark a second shareholder spring

      Executive pay: problems that could spark a second shareholder spring

      With the annual meeting season about to start, we look at the ongoing causes for investor anger, and new flashpoints for 2013 Hundreds of small investors will troop into the ExCel centre in east London on Thursday for an annual spectacle. The 14 members of the board of BP will present themselves to an audience of shareholders large and small. This will mark the start of the annual general ...

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    3. Brookstone CEO Bebis out after less than a year

      Less than a year into the job, Brookstone Inc.’s chief executive Stephen Bebis has resigned from the New Hampshire electronics chain. On Thursday, James M. Speltz, who previously served as the company’s chief operating officer, took over the as the new president and chief exxecutive. The move comes several days after Brookstone reported net sales in the fourth quarter dropped 8 percent to $233 million and sales at stores open at least a year decreased 3.5 percent. “I look forward to building upon the strength of the Brookstone brand, continuing the significant progress we have made over ...

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    4. H.P. Chairman Steps Down as 2 Resign From Board

      H.P. Chairman Steps Down as 2 Resign From Board
      In another upheaval for the board of Hewlett-Packard, the company said on Thursday that Raymond J. Lane, its embattled chairman, was stepping down from that post, just two weeks after his narrow re-election. Two other directors departed the board entirely.

      The move may give Meg Whitman, H.P.’s chief executive, a little more breathing room in her long and painful effort to turn the technology giant around. H.P. is one of the biggest technology companies in terms of sales, but for years it has been marked with financial losses, bungled acquisitions, and turbulence in the executive ranks and ...

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    5. Shareholders get another chance

      Shareholders get another chance

      It's "proxy season" again for most public companies — called that because most shareholders submit their votes via proxy rather than attend the companies' annual meetings in person. This year's season represents a critical juncture in public company corporate governance because of the 2012 season, which earned the moniker "Shareholder Spring" in some circles. The reference was to the dramatic "Arab Spring"across the Middle East, which was marked by wide-scale protests seeking reform within autocratic governments.

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