1. Samsung Heirs Get $25 Billion in Sales for Free

    Samsung Heirs Get $25 Billion in Sales for Free

    Lee Jae Yong and his two sisters look like they just got quite a bargain in the latest move to tighten their control of South Korea’s Samsung Group. In a deal announced Tuesday, Cheil Industries Inc., the group’s de facto holding company, will buy out construction affiliate Samsung C&T Corp. for about $9.4 billion in stock...

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    1. It was a very good bargain for Cheil, and this was a smart and strategically well-prepared scenario from Samsung Group in the generational succession plan.
    2. Samsung is taking steps to boost value, so why not welcome that?
    3. This kind of move could reignite corporate governance debates over Samsung Group and Korea.
    4. Other than for the Lee family's interests, there is no reason for the merger to happen business-wise, and no business synergy to anticipate.
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