1. Google Turns a Page With New Alphabet Parent

    Google Turns a Page With New Alphabet Parent

    Washington (AFP) - The surprise reorganization of Google under newly formed parent Alphabet gives the tech giant the ability to focus on its core business, while offering startup-like flexibility to its other projects. The announcement Monday of the new corporate structure was generally welcomed in Silicon Valley and on Wall Street, where Google shares shot up some 3.6 percent in early trade on the news...

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    1. This is a long overdue move by Google.
    2. They don't want to see the Google brand associated with failure.
    3. It's important from a Wall Street perspective not to have the performance of the main company obscured by these other entities.
    4. Larry and Sergey have quite clearly been increasingly uninspired by merely running a search engine and advertising business, and this finally aligns their job titles with what they actually want to spend their time doing.
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