1. Temple Board's Dropped the Ball on Cosby Allegations

    Temple Board's Dropped the Ball on Cosby Allegations

    Ever since the Bill Cosby sexual-assault scandal went viral last year, the Temple University board of trustees has been in a defensive crouch...

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    1. I have not heard among my colleagues on the faculty one word mentioned about it in a department meeting or in a casual conversation.
    2. We have a situation where we are talking about allegations of sexual assault by a trustee against a university employee. How could that not be an issue for the university?
    3. When you read his [Cosby's] statement, it was, in my judgment and the judgment of the detective, evasive and imprecise, and there was no reason for him to be evasive and imprecise.
    4. They did what they always do; they ignored it and blamed Andrea.
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