1. Progress Slow on Reaching Gender Parity on Corporate Boards

    Progress Slow on Reaching Gender Parity on Corporate Boards

    The percentage of women on the boards of S&P 500 companies is still only 20 percent, making little progress from the year before, a new national report has found. And while at least a dozen of Minnesota’s public companies — led by Best Buy, Ameriprise Financial and Patterson Companies — have better representation than the nation as a whole, the percentage for all the state’s public companies lags behind the national average ...

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    1. Adding different perspectives and different backgrounds means you have different and more complete discussions.
    2. Multiple studies have shown that there is better performance from the board when it is a more diverse group.
    3. We've been involved in very deliberate board refreshment.
    4. As of this year more than 50 percent of our alumnae from that program have been appointed to corporate boards.
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