1. Investors Weigh Whether A Female CEO Matters To Market Returns

    Investors Weigh Whether A Female CEO Matters To Market Returns

    Some investors are finding that companies with more women in top positions outperform. Now they're starting to wonder: How much does a female CEO add to market returns? On one hand, a company led by a woman has reached the pinnacle of corporate diversity efforts, but on the other hand, some investors worry that women are too frequently appointed to helm struggling companies, running off the "glass cliff" ...

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    1. It's the least crowded trade with the most evidence.
    2. There is, to my mind, absolutely no doubt that there's a glass cliff.
    3. It's a challenging question: Are females hired only when companies are doing worse, so they have a greater opportunity for outperformance?.
    4. Historically, had you invested in female CEOs, you would have outperformed the market.
    5. In a time of crisis you want someone who has that more consensus-building, participatory-type of leadership.
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