1. Investors Welcome Signals Siemens CEO Will Stay On

    Investors Welcome Signals Siemens CEO Will Stay On

    Siemens Chief Executive Joe Kaeser has signaled he wants to renew his contract when it runs out in 2018, a move welcomed by investors who have grown to trust the 59-year-old company veteran...

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    1. We are happy with his work. The first successes of his revamp are visible. Profitability is rising and we're not at the end yet by a long way. We see a lot of upside.
    2. Siemens executes the big projects much better than in the past.
    3. The one point where he has to be a bit careful is to make sure he has the backing of other top management. We've seen Russwurm and other managers leaving.
    4. Russwurm is one of the names you'd think of when considering who would lead the company. Everything is now tailor-made for Mr Kaeser and his team. But that's an issue for Siemens management.
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