1. Goldman Sachs Has A Lot Of Worries In 2017

    Goldman Sachs Has A Lot Of Worries In 2017

    President-elect Donald Trump's promised rollback of stiffer banking-industry rules implemented after the financial crisis eight years ago could easily get bogged down in regulatory agencies or Congress. European officials may erect competitive barriers that might protect the region's weakened banks from market-share intrusions by U.S. investment banks...

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    1. We're more bearish, particularly with the runup in the stocks.
    2. Once you get below executive authority, things take longer and there's more compromise.
    3. We haven't seen it discussed as much about building higher walls in Europe, but the European Commission is very defensive, especially for very weak European banks.
    4. China is definitely a potential risk and something to watch, and it could have unintended consequences.
    5. Asia is no longer the tiger that's going to fuel investment-banking fees.
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