1. Samsung Succession in Disarray Amid Leader's Criminal Case

    Samsung Succession in Disarray Amid Leader's Criminal Case

    (BLOOMBERG) - The long-orchestrated plan to cement Mr Jay Y. Lee's position atop Samsung Group may put him in jail instead, raising questions about who would step in to run South Korea's biggest conglomerate in the aftermath. Prosecutors are seeking Mr Lee's arrest on allegations including bribery and embezzlement, which could prompt him to relinquish duties at the family business if proven...

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    1. It's a perilous practice that a person can take over a company just because he or she was born to a successful father.
    2. He's part of the trio with Lee and Kwon that has run Samsung Electronics.
    3. Some speculate she could practically take over, but being a large shareholder doesn't mean she could run a massive company like Samsung Electronics.
    4. Lee's sister may briefly take the reins, but there's little chance she'd take over permanently given she has fewer shares in the firm than her brother.
    5. The corporate governance at Samsung could remain awkward for an extended period of time, and that would increase uncertainties.
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