1. Elliott Turns up CEO Pressure Blending Activism with Buyouts

    Elliott Turns up CEO Pressure Blending Activism with Buyouts

    Eight days after Elliott Management disclosed a 7.6 percent stake in LifeLock Inc , managers of the more than $30 billion hedge fund met with executives at the consumer protection company. Activist investors such as Elliott usually use these initial meetings to lay out a broad plan on how to boost the stock price...

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    1. It's a conflict because as a shareholder, your goal is to get the maximum return on your investment. As a private equity buyer, you want the best possible price.
    2. There is no conflict in these situations, because it is the company's board of directors, not Elliott, that decides whether to sell the company and who to sell it to.
    3. We got the bottom end of a fair price.
    4. When you commit to buying a company as a private equity owner, you're putting your money where your mouth is.
    5. They don't come with an idea that they have not fully investigated or vetted and talked with a lot of people about.
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