1. Nucor (NUE) Appoints John Walkeras as Lead Director of the Board of Directors

    Nucor (NUE) Appoints John Walkeras as Lead Director of the Board of Directors

    Nucor Corporation announced today that the independent directors of its board of directors have appointed John H. Walker to serve as lead director of the board of directors effective February 22, 2017. Mr. Walker has served as a member of Nucor's board of directors since 2008 and has more than 30 years of experience in metal-related manufacturing and fabricating industries...

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    1. John Walker has extensive experience across metal-related industries, serving in a variety of leadership capacities, and has a deep understanding of Nucor.
    2. While I will miss contributing to a company and a leadership team that I respect and admire, I couldn't be more pleased with Nucor's current direction, leadership and momentum.
    3. Ray has been an integral member of our board for several years and, particularly as lead director since 2013, a valued teammate to me in providing leadership to Nucor.
    4. Ray Milchovich was an exceptional lead director, promoting good corporate governance, effective communication among directors and critical strategic analysis at the board level.
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