1. Activist Investor Takes a Strong Liking to Nestle

    Activist Investor Takes a Strong Liking to Nestle

    Dan Loeb once branded a CEO who’d defied him as a “CVD” — chief value destroyer. He went on to call the two great-grandsons of that company’s founders’ members of the “Lucky Sperm Club”. To another CEO, Loeb once advised: “Do what you do best: Retreat to your waterfront mansion in the Hamptons where you can play tennis and hobnob with your fellow socialites.” All that was more than a decade ago, when Loeb’s activist hedge fund — and the investor himself — were younger, and building their reputation on Wall Street as Generation X’s answer to the green-mailing ...

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    1. Dan Loeb literally invented the poison pen.
    2. As always, we keep an open dialogue with all of our shareholders and we remain committed to executing our strategy and creating long-term shareholder value.
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