1. Becoming a Board Member: A Roadmap for the Emerging Director Part 1 By: Tracy Houston

    Becoming a Board Member: A Roadmap for the Emerging Director Part 1 By: Tracy Houston


    We are living in unprecedented times of uncertainty and challenge. Never has it been more critical for directors and officers to be capable of leading in the boardroom. In light of increased regulatory changes and reduced public confidence, the question of who sits on a board and why they were selected is critically important. Board members must embrace new perspectives and bold strategies. Whether the issue is financial resilience, corporate strategy, sustainability and risk, executive compensation, or regulatory compliance, are you a candidate that can assist a company to emerge from the current downturn stronger and more competitive?


    Selection for a seat on a public company board is a long process. Recruiters say that it takes on average 12 to 24 months to identify and gain a first public company board seat. Getting there requires an organized plan – the focus of this handbook. On the flip side of the extended time to become a public company director is the fact that most board members serve, on average, 8 to 10 years. This means the investment of time and resources that go into gaining a board seat can potentially have a long payoff for your career – once the first board seat is obtained.


    Key Point: Patience



    Tracy E. Houston, M.A. is a board advisory consultant and offers a board candidate positioning engagement for emerging directors. She is the creator of the Board Guru Governance eBook Series and the author of Becoming a Public Company Director. For more information visit: eboardmember.com or email hello@eboardmember.com.

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