1. Elizabeth Warren tells Wells Fargo's CEO: 'You should be fired' (WFC)

    Elizabeth Warren tells Wells Fargo's CEO: 'You should be fired' (WFC)

    It's been one year since the Wells Fargo fake accounts scandal came to light, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren doesn't think the bank has done enough to make up for the damage.

    As a refresher, it was initially found that Wells Fargo employees opened more than 2 million customer accounts  without their knowledge from 2011 and 2015. The scope of the scandal has since increased with the possibility of more fraudulent accounts opened over a longer period of time...

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    1. Wells Fargo cheated millions of people for years.
    2. I've read through them, and on these calls no one — not even John Stumpf who was CEO at the time — bragged more about Wells Fargo's ability and commitment to opening new accounts for existing customers
    3. Our job is to satisfy our customers financial needs and to help them succeed financially... since I've become CEO, I've made fundamental changes to address the issues we're talking about today
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