1. How it all Went Wrong at J.C. Penney

    How it all Went Wrong at J.C. Penney

    The economy is humming. Americans are eager to spend on clothes, toys and home decor. Just not at J.C. Penney. Leaderless, $4 billion in debt and with a stock price below $2, the besieged retailer faces an uncertain fate after posting its latest round of dismal earnings...

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    1. They're in a leaky boat that eventually will sink.
    2. Johnson walked away from the old audience and assumed that a new one would appear instantly from out of the blue.
    3. A lot of trust between customers and J.C. Penney was destroyed during the Johnson era.
    4. We are still trying to fully recover from the self-inflicted wounds of the previous strategy.
    5. We believe J.C. Penney can and will be a clear winner in the retail environment.
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