1. SUNY Chancellor's Board Membership for Energy Company Draws Scrutiny

    SUNY Chancellor's Board Membership for Energy Company Draws Scrutiny

    ALBANY — State University of New York Chancellor Kristina Johnson has made a priority of getting the 64-campus system she leads to adopt clean, renewable power sources. She was also paid more than a quarter-million dollars in 2017 as a director of AES Corp., a Virginia-based power company that operates a controversial coal plant in Puerto Rico, which local investigations suggest has created toxic waste nearby...

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    1. I know that she has been a champion of Puerto Rico, post-hurricane.
    2. The personal gain, from what we can tell, outweighs the benefit to the institution.
    3. The real question is how she is bringing her experience and perspective in minimizing environmental impact on campus applies to her service on the board.
    4. She's worked tirelessly to guide the company's innovation.
    5. To suggest that sitting on a board directly connects someone to a company's years old environmental record is not only irresponsible but a shameful attempt at conspiracy theories.
    6. AES coal ash was a major problem in Puerto Rico when I served at the EPA.
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