1. Pandemic Supercharged the Role of Chief Information Officer

    Pandemic Supercharged the Role of Chief Information Officer

    The Covid-19 pandemic has supercharged the role of chief information officers, accelerating a shift from backroom technicians to front-office decisionmakers, as companies’ operations are increasingly shaped by technology...

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    1. We've seen years worth of adoption jammed into just months.
    2. It's critical for today's technology leaders to be well rounded business leaders, with deep expertise across multiple disciplines, and a growth mind-set.
    3. We pushed even harder on further digitizing and automating our operations.
    4. Technology comes up in board discussions all the time, and the pandemic accelerated that even further, giving CIOs much more exposure to the board.
    5. We've had to navigate the impact of the coronavirus as it introduced a new layer of complexity.
    6. CEOs and boards are recognizing how digital cannot be separated from business objectives.
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