1. Will Apple Buy Peloton?

    Will Apple Buy Peloton?

    Just because Peloton is wounded and Apple has gobs of cash, knowledge and momentum behind its fitness offerings, with the Apple Watch and new fitness classes, does it mean the tech giant will make an acquisition play for the connected bike maker? "That has been a question I have been asked for the last three or four months," said Cowen tech analyst Krish Sankar , referring to the rumblings of Apple gobbling up Peloton on weakness...

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    1. That has been a question I have been asked for the last three or four months.
    2. Mr. Foley must be held accountable for his repeated failures to effectively lead Peloton.
    3. I think the challenge for the [Peloton] management team is that they need to really pivot from being a hyper growth company to now where they are, not in that part of the S Curve.
    4. Fitness Plus, meanwhile continues to inspire customers to reach their health and fitness goals. We recently introduced time to run an extension of our popular series time to walk as well as new collections of workouts and meditations to help users make more intentional training choices.
    5. The other thing I would say is Apple's net cash has been $60 billion. They have spoken about getting it to neutral.
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