1. Musk Wars with Twitter Over his Buyout Deal - on Twitter

    Musk Wars with Twitter Over his Buyout Deal - on Twitter

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk promised that taking over Twitter would enable him to rid the social media platform of its annoying “spam bots." Now he's arguing — without presenting any evidence — that there might be just too many of those automated accounts for the $44 billion deal to move ahead. The sharp turnaround by the world's richest man makes little sense except as a method to scuttle or renegotiate a deal that's becoming increasingly costly for Musk, experts said...

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    1. The disclosures he's complaining about are the same disclosures the company has filed at the SEC for quite a bit of time. There's nothing new here.
    2. In a merger situation, a material adverse change is often the key to your ability to renegotiate the deal.
    3. It's quite natural for the buyer to want to cut a better deal.
    4. The chances of a deal ultimately getting done is not looking good now.
    5. Our estimate is based on multiple human reviews of thousands of accounts that are sampled at random, consistently over time.
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