1. Firing Lousy Board Members

    Firing Lousy Board Members
    Every organization deserves a good board and effective board members. And every board member deserves a chance to be an effective board member.
    But too often, things aren’t working. Board members aren’t effective – and staff aren’t helping them to be effective. Or, staff are doing all that is possible – but the board member is causing too many problems.
    This book tells you how to fix the situation. This book explains why board members are (or aren’t) effective. And, this book gives you specific strategies and tools to fire the lousy board members and help the others succeed.
    Maybe this book is too shocking for you. Or maybe not.
    Who should read this book? Executive directors. Board chairs. Governance committee chairs. Any aspiring leader.
    Topics include:
    • Distinction between board and board member.
    • Finding the right board members.
    • Role of the governance committee.
    • Monitoring board members
    Tools include:
    • Board job description.
    • Performance expectations of the board member.
    • Evaluation tools.
    • Skills inventory.
    As you read Firing Lousy Board Members, you’ll realize that this book is mostly about how to NOT fire people. Instead, the book focuses on finding the right board members and enabling them to be successful.
    Firing is only a last resort. But it’s an important strategy to launch in some situations.
    Unfortunately, some organizations and their leadership are too afraid to do this important work. What a shame. The process is not as hard as you might think.
    More importantly, bad board members produce bad governance. And bad governance is a huge risk for the nonprofit sector. Bad governance can put your organization – and its board members – on the media’s front page.
    It’s just not acceptable to keep poor performers around. It’s not fair to other board members. It’s not fair to staff. And it isn’t fair to the organization’s mission.
    Serving on a board is serious business. Sadly, too many boards and board members (and staff, too) don’t realize how serious this business is.
    Read Firing Lousy Board Members before you continue down the wrong paths. Read Firing Lousy Board Members – and talk about the serious business of good governance and effective and ineffective board members.
    This book is a quick and easy read. User friendly, fast, and sometimes pretty funny.
    About the Author
    Simone P. Joyaux, ACFRE, is described as one of the most thoughtful, inspirational, and provocative leaders in the philanthropic sector worldwide. She has guided countless organizations and professionals through her consulting and coaching, teaching, and writing. Joyaux has direct experience doing everything described in this book. She has been an executive director, chief development officer, board chair, and chair of governance and fundraising committees.

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