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    Activist Investor Report Card Icertis Adds Three-Time CEO and Corporate Governance Expert to Board of Advisors Former L'Oréal Executive Appointed Coty's Third CEO This Year Question of the Week -- July 2 2020 MGM Growth Properties Expands it’s Board of Directors to 7 Harpoon Therapeutics Announces Changes to Board of Directors A Coronavirus Vaccine Rooted in a Government Partnership is Fueling Financial Rewards for Company Executives The agency Has Issued Guidance for Companies to Disclose Pandemic-Related Risks and Worker Protection Programs, But Some Investors Say the Move is Insufficient. Bloomin' Brands Announces Board of Directors Changes Companies With Strong Women At The Table Insist On Saving Seats For Girls Tesla Becomes World's Most Valuable Carmaker Without Making a Profit Maxar Technologies Appoints Gilman Louie to its Board of Directors