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    HBC Activist Investor Renews calls for Retailer to Sell off Property Holdings DavidsTea Reports $10 Million Net Loss in First Results Since Boardroom Showdown Canada:  Hydro One’s Avista Takeover Rejected, Ford Government Interference Cited Bombardier Executive Pay Falls Four Per Cent; CEO Unchanged at US$10.6 Million American Activist Files Suit to Head off $750-Million TransAlta-Brookfield Deal HBC Shareholders Challenge $29.4M CEO Pay Amid Privatization Deal WeWork's Last Remaining Cofounder is Leaving Bow Street Responds to Mack-Cali’s Last-Ditch Effort to Manipulate Board Election Daktronics Board of Directors Announces Nancy Frame's Retirement and Nominates Dr. José-Marie Griffiths to the Board Apergy and ChampionX Complete Merger to Create the New ChampionX Bob Krysiak Joins GT Advanced Technologies Board of Directors Lawsuit Filed by Shareholder Requests Records, Alleges Victoria’s Secret Has ‘Toxic Culture of Sexual Harassment’