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    1. Here's How Carl Icahn's Portfolio Is Changing

      Here's How Carl Icahn's Portfolio Is Changing

      Activist investor Carl Icahn is famous for making big bets on companies, and then arm-wrestling their executives into embracing shareholder friendly behaviors. Currently, Icahn owns stakes in 19 businesses that are valued at nearly $20 billion, and while there's no guarantee he'll successfully convince all those companies to pay dividends, divest non-core assets, or sell themselves lock stock and barrel, I wouldn't bet against him...

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    2. Who Could Buy Bristol-Myers Squibb?

      Who Could Buy Bristol-Myers Squibb?

      Billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn has reportedly set his sights on Bristol-Myers Squibb ( NYSE:BMY ) , a $90 billion-market-cap biopharma that's carving out an important leadership position in immuno-oncology. If past is prologue, Icahn's about to start advocating for big changes at Bristol-Myers Squibb, and those could include an outright sale. Finding a buyer, however, might not be easy...

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    3. Why DepoMed's Shares Are Jumping 12% Today

      Why DepoMed's Shares Are Jumping 12% Today

      Following reports that its board of directors may be willing to entertain offers, DepoMed, Inc. (NASDAQ: DEPO) shares are rallying 12% at noon EST. So what Motley Fool Founders Issue New Stock Buy Alert Starboard Value LP investor Jeffrey Smith has been lobbying for DepoMed to put itself up for sale since acquiring a nearly 10% stake earlier this year, and it seems that only a year after rejecting a $33-per-share acquisition offer from Horizon Pharma (NASDAQ: HZNP) , the board is listening. Interest in......

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