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    4 Types of Experts that Leaders Must Have on their Boards in 2017 Netflix CEO Reed Hastings’ Pay Rose to $24.4 Million Last Year, Amid a Period of Great Growth for the Company Varex Imaging Corporation (VREX) Appoints Walter M Rosebrough, Jr. to Board Scripps Proxy Fight: What this Investor Wants Newell Brands (NWL) Announces Pact with Starboard to End Proxy Contest Elliott Proposes 'Accelerate Hyundai' Changes ComScore Appoints 360i Chairman Bryan Wiener as CEO Protesters Expected as Wells Fargo Shareholders Meet in Des Moines WR Berkley Corporation Nominates Leigh Ann Pusey to Stand for Election as New Director Investor Group Nominates Slate of Director Candidates to Board of Destination Maternity Elaine Wynn Asks Shareholders to Oust Board Member Walmart CEO’s Pay Rises 2% to $22.8 Million