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    Fallout From Elon Musk’s SEC Settlement: A Big Fine, A New Chairman And A Huge Opportunity For Tesla What Tesla Needs From Its New Chairman: Specialized Knowledge And The Chutzpah To Stand Up To Musk HP Inc. Board of Directors Rejects Xerox's Takeover Bid Board Pay Under the Microscope US Judge Reduces J&J Opioid Fine After Mistaking Thousands for Millions Fall of the Ivory Tower: Controlled Companies and Shareholder Activism Inside the Chaotic Aftermath of the McDonald's CEO's Shocking Termination and His Replacement's Quest to Win Over Workers Robert B. Engel Joins Heartland Financial USA, Inc. Board of Directors Börje Ekholm to Return to Trimble's Board of Directors LCI Industries appoints Johnny Sirpilla to Board of Directors DICK'S Sporting Goods Names Anne Fink to its Board of Directors CNO Financial Group Appoints David B. Foss to its Board of Directors