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    1. We're Hunting for an 'Elephant-Sized Acquisition'

      We're Hunting for an 'Elephant-Sized Acquisition'
      • Warren Buffett, the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, released his annual letter to shareholders on Saturday.
      • Buffett wrote that he and his vice chairman, Charlie Munger, still hoped to make a large acquisition.
      • Buffett said in last year's letter that he wanted to make a big deal, but companies' valuations were too expensive...
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    2. Pier 1 is a 'Dumpster Fire' and it's Fighting for its Survival

      Pier 1 is a 'Dumpster Fire' and it's Fighting for its Survival
      • Pier 1's market value has been almost completely wiped out over the past five and a half years, falling 97% since 2013.
      • Analysts say the outlook is discouraging. Of the few surveyed by Bloomberg who cover the name, none rate the stock a "buy," two carry a "sell" rating, and four say "hold."
      • Analysts say a combination of overwhelming store environments, offerings that don't reflect the latest trends, and expensive sourcing and supply chain costs have brought the retailer to its knees...
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