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    HP Again Resists Takeover Bid After Xerox Secures Financing For A Deal Home BancShares Names Larry W. Ross to Board of Directors Resources Connection, Inc. Announces the Retirement of Board Member Susan J. Crawford and the Appointment of Lisa M. Pierozzi to the Board of Directors KB Home Elects Jodeen A. Kozlak to Its Board of Directors Former CIA Executive and Seasoned Industry CEO are Joining Concurrent Technologies Corporation Board of Directors FVCBankcorp, Inc. Appoints Meena Krishnan to Board of Directors Noveome Biotherapeutics, Inc. Makes New Appointment to Board of Directors Alex Spiro Elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of GlassBridge Enterprises, Inc. Chip Materials Maker JSR to Nominate ValueAct Exec to Board Umoja Biopharma Appoints Dr. Robert Glassman to its Board of Directors Dr. Martens Holders Seek Up to $1.8 Billion in London IPO Hari Nada Testifies About Ghosn ”Haircut” Scheme In Trial Of Former Nissan Exec Greg Kelly