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    HP Again Resists Takeover Bid After Xerox Secures Financing For A Deal Management Cannot Unilaterally Preclude Directors From Obtaining Privileged Communications Citigroup to Cut Bonuses for Top Executives After Regulatory Lapses Duos Technologies Appoints Rail Industry Veteran Ed Harris to Board of Directors and Key Committees European Firms Improve Diversity Scores in Pandemic Year, Study Finds Starboard Seeks to Take Control of Corteva Board, Oust CEO Former Ripple Board Member Tapped to Lead Biden’s Occ: If Corporate Diversity Works, Show Me the Money NeoGames Expands Board with the Appointment of Lisbeth McNabb Delek US Holdings Announces Addition to Board of Directors Planet Fitness Expands Board of Directors with Two New Appointments Artificial, Inc. Expands Leadership Team and Board of Directors to Catalyze the Lab’s Digital Revolution