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    1. Who Owns Your Company? NMC investors in London are Finding Out the Hard Way

      Who Owns Your Company? NMC investors in London are Finding Out the Hard Way

      The crisis unfolding at NMC Health, the Middle East’s largest hospital operator, has reignited the debate about the governance of overseas companies listing in London. The mystery of NMC’s ownership structure deepened on Monday after founder and co-chairman Bavaguthu Raghuram Shetty quit the board of the FTSE 100-listed company over concerns that he misreported his stake...

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    2. Bidding War for Just Eat Heats Up

      Bidding War for Just Eat Heats Up

      The bidding war for Just Eat has become increasingly acrimonious after activist investor Cat Rock Capital on Monday launched a scathing attack on Prosus, accusing it of “undermining” the sale of the U.K. online food-delivery company. Prosus, the Dutch-listed vehicle owned by South African tech conglomerate Naspers, last week made a £4.9 billion hostile cash bid for Just Eat JE, +0.40% in an attempt to gatecrash its already agreed merger with Takeaway.com, a Dutch food-delivery company...

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