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    1. Starboard Value Hedge Fund Wants to Force ComScore to Hold an Annual Meeting

      Starboard Value Hedge Fund Wants to Force ComScore to Hold an Annual Meeting

      It is the latest instance of an activist shareholder seeking to flex its muscle and change a company’s corporate strategy . Such firms have often found tremendous success in recent years, as investors like Daniel S. Loeb of Third Point, Paul E. Singer of Elliott Management and Nelson Peltz of Trian have taken on ever bigger targets like Nestlé, Samsung and Procter & Gamble...

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    2. Elliott and Private Equity Firm to Buy Dell’s Software Unit

      Elliott and Private Equity Firm to Buy Dell’s Software Unit

      Continue reading the main story Share This Page Continue reading the main story Photo Paul Singer, founder of the hedge fund Elliott Management. Credit Steve Marcus/Reuters For more than a decade, the hedge fund Elliott Management has focused on shaking up technology businesses with activist shareholder campaigns, urging companies to sell themselves. Now the hedge fund has taken a big step into the business of buying companies outright...

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    3. J. Crew Chief to Join Warby Parker's Board

      J. Crew Chief to Join Warby Parker's Board

      As Warby Parker continues its big push into retail, the three-year-old start-up is adding a top merchant mogul to its board.  Warby Parker, the purveyor of fashionable eyeglasses, plans to announce on Tuesday that it has named Millard S. Drexler, the chief executive of J. Crew, as a director. He will become Warby Parker’s seventh board member, joining the company’s four founders and representatives from the investment firms Tiger Global Management and General Catalyst Partners...

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