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    1. Seven questions about Ghosn and Nissan

      Seven questions about Ghosn and Nissan

      WASHINGTON - When Nissan Motor Co.’s then-Chairman Carlos Ghosn was arrested soon after his private jet landed at Tokyo’s Haneda airport on Nov. 19, media attention focused on his alleged underreporting of massive amounts of compensation from the carmaker. In the weeks following, however, it has become clear that the arrest represents many more complexities than one executive’s alleged misconduct...

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    2. Nissan’s Executive Pay May Have Topped ¥3 Billion Cap in Fiscal 2017

      Nissan’s Executive Pay May Have Topped ¥3 Billion Cap in Fiscal 2017

      Nissan Motor Co.’s executive remuneration for fiscal 2017 may have exceeded the nearly ¥3 billion cap set by shareholders, with a large sum going to arrested former chairman Carlos Ghosn, sources said Wednesday. While only ¥735 million ($6.5 million) was stated in the company’s securities reports as remuneration for Ghosn in the year that ended March, the sources said the payment to him may have actually been about ¥2.5 billion...

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    3. Should Shareholders Always Come First?

      Should Shareholders Always Come First?

      NEW YORK – U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren has proposed a bill — the Accountable Capitalism Act — that would require large companies to create corporate charters that take account of the interests of workers, customers and communities in addition to shareholders. To enforce this dictum, it would give each company’s employees the power to elect 40 percent of the corporate directors. Right now, U.S. corporations are set up to maximize the value of their shareholders...

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