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    1. BlackRock ‘intrudes’ on Office Romances

      BlackRock ‘intrudes’ on Office Romances

      If you work for Larry Fink, he ­really wants to know who you’re hooking up with. Fink, the voluble chief executive of BlackRock — the world’s largest money manager — recently “updated” his company’s dating policy. In the past, employees were on notice to tell HR anytime they had a romantic relationship with another employee, an understandable but intrusive part of corporate life in the era of ­#MeToo...

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    2. 20 Highest-Paid Biopharma CEOs

      20 Highest-Paid Biopharma CEOs

      After 7 years of compiling executive pay numbers, we at FiercePharma have learned a bit about the pharma compensation landscape. Rules to research by, let's call them. The first and biggest: Sales figures don't matter. The world's biggest drug companies by revenue don't all hand out pay packages of at least $18.6 million, which is the threshold for this year's top-paid CEOs list. A collection of Big Pharma chiefs stay off that list year after year...

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    3. UBS Chairman Brings in External Consultants for Potential Merger With Credit Suisse

      UBS Chairman Brings in External Consultants for Potential Merger With Credit Suisse
      • External consultants are helping UBS create a potential merger deal between the two largest Swiss banks, Credit Suisse and UBS.
      • It would be the biggest deal since UBS merged with Basler Bankverein in 1997.
      • UBS and Credit Suisse told Business Insider that they don’t comment on “market rumors and speculations...
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    4. Gilead Reaches $21 Billion Deal for Immunomedics

      Gilead Reaches $21 Billion Deal for Immunomedics

      Gilead Sciences Inc. will pay $21 billion to buy biotech Immunomedics Inc. and its prized breast-cancer drug, the company said Sunday, a sign of the value of the cancer-drugs business. Immunomedics has a market value of roughly $10 billion following a recent surge in its stock, meaning that Gilead is paying up to secure ownership of the company. Gilead agreed to pay $88 a share in cash for Immunomedics, whose shares closed at $42.25 Friday. That represents a 108% premium...

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    5. One of Sweden’s Biggest Investors Starts ESG Pressure Campaign

      One of Sweden’s Biggest Investors Starts ESG Pressure Campaign

      Alecta, a Swedish pension fund with about $110 billion under management, wants to take active investing to a new level to force the companies it owns to be more ethical. Carina Silberg, who runs a newly merged corporate governance and sustainability unit at Alecta, says her team is bringing in reams of data to figure out exactly what portfolio companies are doing when it comes to environmental, social and governance standards...

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