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    1. Should corporate governance be applicable to private companies?

      Investors opt for a private company structure as it has minimal compliances and disclosures Kumkum Sen / Jun 18, 2012, 00:19 IST The Adidas Group’s global acquisition of Reebok, which entailed the integration of Reebok’s Indian operations, was achieved in 2011. Reebok has been operating in India since 1991. With over 900 retail outlets in India, Reebok has operated exclusively on franchise models. It is assumed that one of the syner

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    2. Back to school for corporate governance

      Summer session is beginning at colleges and universities, and management experts say one of the offerings should be Corporate Governance 101. First in line to sign up, they say, should be Facebook Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. In the matter of Facebook, one of the more significant recent developments involves the Nasdaq Stock Market, which stated June 6 that it would offer $40 million in cash and rebates to clients who may have suffered financially in the company’s initial public offering. On th

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    3. ISS Backs Two Starboard Nominees for AOL Board

      I.S.S. Backs Two Starboard Nominees for AOL Board By MICHAEL J. DE LA MERCED Article Tools * E-mail * Print * * Recommend * Share Close + Tumblr + Digg + Linkedin + Reddit + Permalink + Institutional Shareholder Services recommended late on Saturday that AOL investors vote for two of three board candidates named by Starboard Value L.P., an activist hedge fund. I.S.S., the biggest proxy advisory firm that advises shareholders on corporate governance matters, said that two of Starboard’s nominee

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    4. 'Social loafers' impede board reform, ex-chairman says

      'Social loafers' impede board reform, ex-chairman says

      The Sarbanes-Oxley governance reforms did little to prevent failures of major U.S. financial institutions because they didn’t scale down oversized boards stuffed with “social loafers,” former U.S. mutual fund executive Robert Pozen says. Mr. Pozen told a Toronto audience Tuesday that the sweeping changes legislated in 2002 were inadequate to prevent scandals or failures at companies such as Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, Wachovia, . The changes required independent directors on bo

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    5. Sebi calls for giving more power to independent directors

      Sebi calls for giving more power to independent directors
      MUMBAI: Stressing the need to strengthen the powers of independent directors, Sebi whole-time member Rajeev Kumar Agarwal today said good corporate governance is the surest way to protect the interest of shareholders. "An independent director is in a position to exercise unbiased judgement on issues which may be related to competing interests, on issues where the interest of the management or promoters is coming in the way of minority shareholders. Here, an independent director is best placed to
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    6. When it Comes to the Board Room, One Size Doesn't Always Fit All

      Grahall, a cutting edge intellectual capital organization, today announced the release of its 2011 Board of Directors Survey and Research Report. The 325 page report, a must-have for C-Suite executives, leverages Grahall's 30-plus years of consulting to Boards of Directors and provides useful insights into effective Board structures, processes, cultures and talent, thus offering a virtual "seat at the table."

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    7. The art of chairing a board

      A former prime minister, not Canadian and whose name I’ll withhold, whispered into my ear before the board meeting of a bank: “Watch the way I chair this meeting, Richard.” Seeing a meeting chaired almost perfectly is a rarity, so I paid attention—and was not disappointed. Contrast this to another bank board meeting, where the CEO pounded the table, berating a mostly silent chair in front of directors. Both chairs are non-executive, supposedly independent, and yet these meetings played out very

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    8. NACD study shows many corporate boards fail to reflect diversity

      According to the Boston Herald, “the National Association of Corporate Directors’ latest Public Company Governance Survey found that just 47.6 percent of nearly 1,300 stock-traded corporations polled had even one minority member on their boards last year.” That is an improvement over the 43.7 percent who reported minority board members in 2010. However, George Greenidge of the Boston-based National Black College Alliance believes corporations can and should do more. He remarks, “If these firms a

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