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    1. Social Media And The Boardroom - Media, Telecoms, IT and Entertainment

      The Conference Board and the Stanford University's Rock Center for Corporate Governance recently published its 2012 Social Media Survey, entitled "What Do Corporate Directors and Senior Managers Know about Social Media?" What is the bottom line from the survey of 180 senior executives and corporate directors of North American public and private companies? Senior executives and directors appreciate the power and the risk of social media. But they are not engaged from a governance perspective. The

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    2. To Tender Or Not To Tender

      United Kingdom: Amendments To The Corporate Governance Code And Guidance On Audit Committees 26 November 2012 Article by Mark Howard Twitter Twitter Facebook Facebook Digg Digg In April 2012, the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) published a consultation paper seeking feedback on proposals to amend the provisions of the UK Corporate Governance Code (the Code) and the Guidance on Audit Committees (the Guidance). Following a period of public consultation, the FRC

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