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    1. A look at board composition: How does your industry stack up?

      A look at board composition: How does your industry stack up?

      Board composition is “the” issue for investors
      in 2017. Some industries are taking more steps
      to refresh their board than others—how does yours stack up? As the economic environment changes and lines between industries start to blur, companies are looking for directors with di erent, less traditional and even broader skills. Technology skills will be key across sectors. 

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    2. Directors and IT: What Works Best

      Directors and IT: What Works Best

      Overseeing a company’s information technology activities is a signifi cant challenge for directors. The pace of change in this area is rapid, the subject matter is complicated, and the highly technical language used to describe emerging technologies and evolving risks makes this a challenging area. And many companies are relying more and more on technology to get ahead, often prompting substantial changes in how they operate. All of these factors can make the board’s IT oversight responsibility appear harder than it is.

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