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    1. How Women Change the Conversation on Boards

      How Women Change the Conversation on Boards

      The topic of how to get more women on corporate boards is a lively one at every MPW event, especially so in Asia, where just 9% of corporate directors within Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index, for example, are women. But this discussion moved on from "how to shatter the glass ceiling" to "why it's so important that we do"...

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    2. Executive pay clawbacks: Just a shareholder pacifier?

      August 16, 2012: 9:28 AM ET Like the prospect of criminal prosecution, clawbacks can seem less like a real threat and more like a sop to public clamor for tangible punishment. By Elizabeth G. Olson FORTUNE -- As much as the disgruntled investing public would like to see dodgy executives thrown in jail, they may have to settle for the slower, but still painful, method of letting corporate boards wrest cash and stock from the wrongdoers. Once a

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      Mentions: Dodd-Frank
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