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    1. Multiple directorships lower effectiveness

      You are here: Home > October 12, 2012 in Business MULTIPLE directorships have been blamed for contributing to corporate governance failures among Zimbabwean companies. Report by Staff Writer CEO of the Depositors Protection Board John Chikura told a recent Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe seminar that local companies still faced challenges in adhering to good corporate governance. “Good governanc

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    2. Conflicting research findings on corporate governance

      By The Independent on August 23, 2012 in Opinion Brett Chulu CORPORATE governance is a fairly young management discipline, especially in Zimbabwe. The country has experienced serious corporate governance challenges over the past 12 months and several hypotheses have been advanced to try to explain the causes thereof. They range from poor business strategy to weak management oversight and weak regulatory regimes. This article explores conf

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    3. RBZ's governance structures weak

      You are here: Home > News > RBZ’s governance structures weak RBZ’s governance structures weak By The Independent Webmaster on July 13, 2012 in News Clive Mphambela THE reactive intervention by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) in Interfin Banking Corporation, which was placed under curatorship for six months, exposed weaknesses in the RBZ’s governance structures emanating from conflict of interest. While the central bank rightly observed that concentrated shareholding and abuse of corporate s

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