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    1. IRS Guidance on Exec Comp Changes Falls Short

      IRS Guidance on Exec Comp Changes Falls Short

      However, the guidance “doesn’t really address a lot of the meaty issues,” says Andrew Liazos, leader of the executive compensation group for law firm McDermott Will & Emery. It’s expected that regulations eventually will be proposed to fill the gaps, but “that will take awhile,” laments Liazos, who posted a summary analysis of the guidance on Thursday...

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    2. Rent-A-Center to Be Taken Private by Vintage

      Rent-A-Center to Be Taken Private by Vintage

      Vintage, which originally offered $13 per share for Rent-A-Center last fall, made a $14-per-share proposal on June 12. Rent-A-Center said Monday its board had unanimously accepted an improved $15-per-share offer that represents a premium of 25% to the stock’s Friday close. The board “is confident [the proposal] maximizes value for stockholders while delivering a significant and immediate cash premium,” CEO Mitch Fadel said in a news release...

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    3. Meeting Directors’ Demands for Information

      Meeting Directors’ Demands for Information

      Investors, consumers, regulatory bodies, and the media are putting heavy pressure on boards of directors. They are being held accountable for a whole range of strategic missteps, risk management errors, and security flaws. One survey of board members in 2016 found that directors see a disconnect between these high expectations and what they can realistically accomplish in their positions...

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    4. Directorship Gains and Pains

      Directorship Gains and Pains

      Governance Directorship Gains and Pains CFOs who hold external board positions swear by the benefits, but the majority who don’t have good reasons for shying away. Please enter your email address * Subject * Comments * Running finance at a large, publicly traded company is, of course, a big job with long hours and little downtime. So why would a CFO want to expend time and energy serving on the board of another company?...

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    5. ADP Needs a New CFO, Says Research Firm

      ADP Needs a New CFO, Says Research Firm

      The Link Between Good Investor Relations and Stock Price The statement came in a note criticizing the substance of activist investor Bill Ackman’s threatened proxy fight at ADP, which was launched in August. Management CV calls the proxy fight “misguided”; while Pershing Square (Ackman’s firm) “makes some good points about missed opportunities,” according to Management CV, Ackman “incorrectly” calls for a new chief executive to replace current president & CEO Carlos Rodriguez...

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    6. SEC Probes Deeper if Cos. Have Political Ties: Study

      SEC Probes Deeper if Cos. Have Political Ties: Study

      Dodd-Frank Will Benefit CFOs in the Long Run Previous theories have have hypothesized that a company’s political ties make enforcement actions against the company less likely and make penalties lighter. That’s based on the notion that politicians “can interfere with SEC investigations, use budget allocations to control the SEC, or affect SEC officials’ careers,” according to the study...

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