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    1. Toshiba President, Senior Execs Quit Over $1.2 Bn Scandal

      Toshiba President, Senior Execs Quit Over $1.2 Bn Scandal

      Toshiba president Hisao Tanaka and his predecessor Norio Sasaki resigned on Tuesday over a $1.2 billion accounting scandal blamed on management's overzealous pursuit of profit that has battered one of Japan's best-known firms. The two men were among eight high-level executives and directors at the sprawling conglomerate to take the fall, stepping down after an independent report found senior management complicit in a years-long scheme to pad profits...

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    2. Nike's Knight Stepping Down

      Nike's Knight Stepping Down

      NEW YORK (AP) Nike Chairman Phil Knight plans to step down, and says he wants President and CEO Mark Parker to succeed him. Knight, 76, says he plans to stay involved with the company after he steps down as chairman. Parker has been Nike's president and CEO since 2006. Nike Inc. says it expects to name a new chairman in 2016, but no specific date was set for Knight's departure. Phil Knight co-founded Nike and has been a director of the company since 1968...

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    3. RBC: Nelson Peltz Could Go Activist In These Stocks

      RBC: Nelson Peltz Could Go Activist In These Stocks

      In a report published Friday, RBC Capital Markets analyst Deane Dray noted that activist investor Nelson Peltz hinted last week that his Trian Partners fund is looking at two potential activist actions within the industrial sector. "Fresh from narrowly missing the proxy vote at DuPont and following a successful investment in Ingersoll-Rand, Mr. Peltz appears to be reloading in the industrial sector," Dray wrote...

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    4. How Much CEOs Make Over the Average Worker

      How Much CEOs Make Over the Average Worker

      The numbers are in on 2014 CEO compensation, and as the old Seinfeld joke goes, they are real and they are spectacular. CEO pay is also controversial as the income gap widens in America. The average S&P 500 company CEO made 373 times the salary of the average production and non-supervisory worker in 2014, up from 331 times in 2013, according to the AFL-CIO. Why is CEO pay rising sharply, and how are CEO pay packages structured to maximize executive compensation...

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