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    1. What I’ve learned being an ‘insider’ | Economy

      What I’ve learned being an ‘insider’ | Economy

      I’ve been in Australia for a little while now as part of my many professional responsibilities. In addition to running Sovereign Man and several other businesses, I am also the Chairman of the Board of Directors a company that’s listed on the stock exchange here in Australia. I’ve been on the Board for almost two years, and I’ll admit it’s been one hell of an experience. I say this because most of us don’t realize how much financial markets are stacked against the little guy.

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    2. American Airlines, Qatar, and the NOL Poison Pill

      American Airlines, Qatar, and the NOL Poison Pill

      I know most bloggers today are consumed with the June avalanche of Supreme Court opinions and cert grants, but something interesting is afoot in the corporate law world (and more importantly the actual world). At the end of last week, Qatar Airways announced plans to purchase 10% of American Airlines . That move is definitely a little more interesting than Berkshire Hathaway reentering the airline sector and poses a lot of political concerns...

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