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    1. Bank of Sharjah Group updates on corporate governance - Hawkamah

      Hawkamah Institute for Corporate Governance briefed the Boards of Bank of Sharjah and its subsidiary, Emirates Lebanon Bank on global and regional corporate governance developments last week.  The half-day event, designed specifically for Bank of Sharjah Group, focused on corporate governance regulatory developments; emerging trends and discussions on board effectiveness as well as risk oversight to further enhance the group’s corporate governance development. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Saud Al Qasimi,

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    2. IIRA upgrades corporate governance rating of Banque Islamique Du Senegal

      The Islamic International Rating Agency (IIRA) has upgraded the corporate governance rating of Banque Islamique Du Senegal to CGR 4 from CGR 3, which denotes “Moderately low level of Corporate Governance processes and practices overall; weaknesses have been identified in a number of governance related areas.” Corporate governance ratings are based on an evaluation of key governance areas of the rated institution, which include regulatory compliance; board oversight; management profile; self-regu

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    3. Kuwait bank corporate governance directives to be revised

      Kuwait bank corporate governance directives to be revised

      The Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) Board agreed in its meeting 19 June 2012, to issue new directives regarding governance rules and regulations at Kuwaiti banks. CBK Governor Dr.Mohammad  Al-Hashel said the new guidelines will be effective as of 1 July 2013. In the interim, Kuwait’s banks are being required to present quarterly reports on policies, measures, and adjustments introduced as of September 2012 leading to the "timely and full implementation" of the new criteria. Al-Hashel said the new d

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