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    2. Icahn vs. eBay Board – Governance or Gamesmanship?

      Icahn vs. eBay Board – Governance or Gamesmanship?
      Carl Ichan thinks eBay shareholders need to stand up to the board of directors. Is he right? Carl Icahn recently opened a new battle in his ongoing war witheBay(NASDAQ: EBAY)with an open letter posted onShareholders Squaretable. In the letter, the worlds most successful activist investor opines that he views the upcoming annual meeting at eBay as a watershed moment for shareholders everywhere. Icahn argues that in order to ...
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    1. This is fertile ground for activist investors.
      In Investors Push U.S. Shale Firms to Separate Executive Pay from Drilling
    2. Corporate constitutions in some European jurisdictions can make it more difficult to yield the right results for activist investors versus the U.S., but for Elliott they know the vagaries of European corporate laws and defense tactics very well.
      In U.S. Hedge Fund Elliott Amps up Campaigns in Europe
    3. We think that ValueAct are more serious than some activist investors but their interest is mainly in extracting what their name would imply: value.
      In Rolls Shareholders Split Over Activist Investor