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    2. CoreLogic Activist Investors Win Three Seats on Company’s Board

      CoreLogic Activist Investors Win Three Seats on Company’s Board
      (Bloomberg) -- The investors pushing for changes at CoreLogic Inc. have won three seats on the board of the data provider after a lengthy battle that has dragged out since June. CoreLogic said in a statement that preliminary tallies show that Cannae Holdings Inc. and Senator Investment Group have won the necessary support for three of their nominees: Steve Albrecht, Wendy Lane and Henry Winship. The statement confirmed an earlier Bloomberg ...
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    1. Legion Partners executes its activist strategy in a professional and long-term oriented manner, which we believe lowers our risk profile, and is more effective and sustainable.
      In Bed Bath & Beyond Investors Set For Infinity As Activist Says Market Undervalues Company By Billions
    2. This is fertile ground for activist investors.
      In Investors Push U.S. Shale Firms to Separate Executive Pay from Drilling
    3. The activist investor was the catalyst for the merger's cancellation, but there were a whole series of other reasons why it did not succeed.
      In Clariant CEO Says SABIC Deal Beats Huntsman Merger