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    2. Wells Fargo, Bank of America CEOs Earn Biggest

      Wells Fargo, Bank of America CEOs Earn Biggest
      The financial industry is gradually becoming more transparent to its customers, but also to its employees. Complying with the 2010 Dodd-Frank law, firms have begun to disclose their CEO pay compared with their median employees pay. InvestmentNews looked at their proxy filings and found that Wells Fargo s Tim Sloan was best-paid relative to his employees in 2017...
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    1. Bank of America ultimately prevails because when the largest shareholders look at the issue, they will likely conclude that the very real risk of disruption from separating the roles is not worth the theoretical benefits that may come.
      In Here’s Why BofA CEO Moynihan Probably Keeps His Chairman Title
    2. Jim's extensive experience in digital payments, and direct background in founding and growing Merchant e-Solutions and Bank of America Merchant Services have already made him a tremendous asset to our company.
      In Jim Aviles Joins IdentityMind Board of Directors
    3. Bank of America shareholders will benefit from the global perspectives, diverse insights and depth of experience these leaders possess, They have a range of expertise in leading large, complex organizations, some in highly regulated industries with global businesses, that will enhance the board of directors.
      In Navistar Names Lewis B. Campbell Executive Chairman and Interim CEO