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    2. ‘Stakeholder’ Capitalism Seems Mostly for Show

      ‘Stakeholder’ Capitalism Seems Mostly for Show
      By putting American workers through months of turmoil, the Covid-19 crisis has heightened expectations that large companies will serve the interests of all stakeholders, not only shareholders. The Business Roundtable raised such expectations last summer by issuing a statement on corporate purpose, in which the CEOs of more than 180 major companies committed to deliver value to all stakeholders....
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    1. We globalized all the forces of capitalism and of markets.
      In For Good Governance, Focus Beyond Equity Growth, U.S. Judge Tells Investors
    2. If you think shareholder activism is a very favorable thing for stock markets, for capitalism, for keeping the balance of power between management and shareholders, then what you do not want to do is restrict activists from buying more than five percent of the company.
      Bill Ackman in Ackman Fought to Keep SEC Rule That Enabled Allergan Deal
    3. You either participate in capitalism or you don't.
      In With ‘Zombie’ Directors, It’s the Board of the Living Dead