1. Climate Change

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    2. BlackRock Voted Against 255 Directors Because of Climate Issues

      BlackRock Voted Against 255 Directors Because of Climate Issues
      BlackRock voted against 255 directors because of climate issues According to its stewardship report, the asset manager supported 35% of 843 shareholder proposals that it voted on in the recent proxy season, compared with 17% in the previous year. During the recent proxy season, BlackRock Inc. voted against more than four times the number of board directors it voted against last year because they failed to act on climate issues...
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  2. Quotes about Climate Change

    1. ESG issues such as climate change and other environmental and social variables….have traditionally been considered extra-financial risks. That kind of implies they don't matter financially, that they're social issues or somehow extra-curricular to the serious business of investing.
      In Corporate 'Sustainability' Is Corporate 'Excellence'
    2. Currently, reporting issuers in Canada are required to disclose material risks, which may include risks associated with climate change, among other environmental matters, in their periodic disclosure.
      In Business Risk from Climate Change Now Top of Mind For Canada's Corporate Boards
    3. We are deeply concerned about the negative message that the NAM report conveys about investor engagement and shareholder resolutions in general, and climate change in particular.
      In Institutional Investors Call on Manufacturers to Oppose Attacks on Shareholder