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    2. Sustainability & Disclosure: New demands on corporate boards

      Sustainability & Disclosure: New demands on corporate boards
      Its a new era of environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosure and directors need to take notice. Many investors are voicing concerns about the limited nonfinancial disclosure in companies annual reports and proxy disclosures, even for areas like material climate-related risks that have been the subject of Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) guidance. And although most public companies produce sustainability reports for consumers and other corporate stakeholders, these reports often lack ...
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    1. Corporate Governance is the very essence of a company.
      In 'Corporate Governance Is The Very Essence Of A Business'
    2. We believe it is a shame that Trian is trying to exploit our responsive corporate governance practices for their own self-serving purposes in the context of the proxy contest.
      In DuPont Spinoff Fans Flames In Trian Management's Scorched Earth Fight
    3. Whether it's a multi-million pound accounting error at Britain's largest supermarket chain, shareholder revolts over hefty pay-outs for FTSE executives, or corruption at the body which oversees world football, it's never been more obvious that corporate governance matters
      In 'Financial Crisis Was Not Caused By Lack Of Rules': A Call To Rethink U.K's Corporate Governance