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    1. It has been many years since significant advancements have been made in the fight against invasive fungal infections, and growing resistance to current treatment alternatives is quickly emerging as a global public health crisis.
      In Scynexis Appoints Marion McCourt to Board of Directors
    2. We still have a hangover from the financial crisis and high-profile examples of companies where there have been problems – clearly trust in business needs improving.
      In UK: Shake-up Aims to Give Workers More Power in the Boardroom
    3. We became increasingly positive on equity and credit markets last week, and began the process of unwinding our hedges and redeploying our capital in companies we love at bargain prices that are built to withstand this crisis, and which we believe will flourish long term.
      In Bill Ackman Claims Firm Made $2.6B Betting on Coronavirus Outbreak